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More space (also known as I Need More Space) were in need of a website refresh to cater for their large portfolio of clients and the high demands for their services, a place where potential customers could find out more about the company and take a look at some of the work More Space have carried out in the past.


What we did for I Need More Space

More Space BrandingWe started by upgrading their content management system from a dated Joomla install to the latest, most friendliest version of WordPress. The existing More Space branding was great so we didn’t want to change that, instead we went to work on the website design and layout. The previous website wasn’t very organised, the fonts were a little off and from a user’s point-of-view, it needed to be much easier to navigate to the important information. So we repositioned the menu, placed a showcase of previous conversions, extensions and basements directly on the homepage, and integrated a modal pop-up style ‘Call To Action’ right at eye level so that any potential customers can get in touch without fumbling around for a contact form.

What do More Space think of it?

The feedback we have received from the client is tremendous and we will be working with them whilst they get used to the new website. Since it’s running the ever popular WordPress platform, the guys at More Space will be able to run and manage the site internally without reaching out to us for text/image changes, etc.

Have a look for yourself by going to the I Need More Space website – http://www.ineedmorespace.co.uk/

Software/Coding Used

WordPress / jQuery / CSS / HTML5