Google Pagerank Update

The long awaited (by some!) Google pagerank update has once again hit millions of websites around the world. The pagerank update always brings a mixed bag of fortune and naturally, some websites will increase in pagerank and some may well lose it. There is still no certainty on how long the pagerank updating process takes the almighty Google to complete but we will be waiting a couple more days before confirming any changes.

The Pagerank Debate

There’s still an ongoing debate on what pagerank means, is it important, should you take any notice of it? Well, everybody has their own opinions and there are many pro’s AND con’s relating to Google’s page ranking system. Our opinion is that pagerank can be very useful but there definitely needs to be more frequent updates because new websites are at a major disadvantage and have to wait months to say goodbye to their default PR ZERO or N/A.

Some critics say that pagerank has no relation to search engine rankings, but in many ways it does. Well ranked websites are usually ranked at the top for good reasons, a) strong inbound links, b) quality content, c) good on-page seo, now how do you think Google decides on a websites pagerank? Do you not think that Pagerank is based on similar lines to the above points? Of course. There are always going to be examples of websites with high pagerank, which don’t make it to page one for their keywords and there will be a reason for this i.e., the websites on page one also have pagerank, along with better content, links and optimisation – we have a PR4 website that’s sat all the way back on page three for its keyword…

Anyway we hope that you enjoy your new pagerank and don’t be too disheartened if some of your websites lost some of their pagerank. The important thing is to carry on concentrating on building quality links, adding good related content and keeping your website’s coding clean, tidy and fast.

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