Our blog development experts realise that the right blog design keeps visitors coming back for more.  Your blog needs to deliver meaningful content in a legible environment.  The goal is to have people return to your blog for constant updates to create an ongoing stream of traffic to your website.

We help you define your target market to deliver content they relate to and want to read.  The blog should uniquely address the concerns and interests of your target audience. Your content and graphic design should accurately reflect the topic of your blog.  Visitors should immediately recognise what your blog is about.

The Right Blog Design Keeps Visitors Coming Back for More

Effective blog design takes into consideration the little details.  Posts should be personalized and include an author’s name.  Your blog should include a search engine and list of previous entries so visitors can easily find what they want.

Effective blogs allow visitors to share content on major social media such as Facebook and Twitter.  This brings additional visitors to your blog and website, helping it to move up the ranks of the major search engines.

The layout of your blog is also important.  Our web design experts know the layout your blog needs to be usable.  For example, the placement of banner ads and your sidebar makes a difference.  People expect to find important elements of your blog in a certain location.  A navigable blog is simpler for people to read and follow.

Our design experts also find ways to help you monetize your blog.  Content, conversation and conversions are the ultimate goal.  Proper placement is crucial to keep visitors engaged and coming back for more.